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Prepaid Burial Funeral Plans

All of our Prepaid Funeral Plans include the Funeral Director services set out in the Plan and these are fully covered. However, as burial costs vary significantly across the UK and are beyond our control, Dignity is unable to guarantee to cover these costs.

Instead, the Plan includes a generous contribution of £1,200 towards these services which increases each year in line with RPI inflation. If the burial services required at the time of need were to cost more than the contribution in the Plan then the difference would need to be paid for at the time of the funeral. If, however, there is any of the contribution remaining after all burial fees have been paid we will refund the difference.

It puts my mind at rest that everything is taken care of in the way I want it to be. It gives my loved ones peace of mind and keeps costs reasonable with prices rising all the time removing any burden from them.

– Mr J A Olley

If you already have a plot or grave, you can let us know, and your Dignity Nominated Funeral Director will then make the arrangements at the time of need. Services such as opening and re-closing an existing grave will come under the contribution allowance included in your Plan.

If you don’t already have a plot, it is recommended that you buy a plot in advance if you have a specific cemetery in mind and the pre-buying of plots is permitted. Not all cemeteries allow pre-purchasing of plots for burial so, subject to availability; the plot will need to be purchased at the time of need. To buy a plot, you should contact your local council or place of worship for details.

If you’re not able to buy a plot now, this can be organised at a later date or at the time of need. The contribution within the Funeral Plan will be set against the plot fee as well as other burial services required at the time of need.

For more information about a burial funeral plan, please contact us on 0800 58 72 541 or request your free guide.

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