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How Does a Prepaid Funeral Work?

A prepaid funeral plan from Dignity is a practical and sensible way to take care of funeral costs and arrangements in advance. By making simple choices now, you can protect loved ones from a lot of stress and worry in the future.

  1. Take control of the unexpected

    By making simple choices now, you can protect loved ones from a lot of stress and financial worry in the future with a prepaid funeral plan from Dignity.

  2. Protect against rising funeral costs

    Prepaid funeral plans from Dignity fix the cost of the funeral services included in the Plan at today’s prices, so there will be no more for loved ones to pay for these services when the time comes.

  3. What The Plan includes

    The Plan guarantees to cover the all the funeral director services included in the Plan, as well as the listed cremation costs, or provides a contribution towards burial costs.

    The Plan also lets you make a record of your wishes for the service itself - any special readings, music or flowers you’d like. You can add in as much or as little detail as you choose. If you change your mind, or your circumstances change, there is no extra charge for changing the special wishes in your Plan at any time. There may be an additional charge for any special wishes that are not included in the Plan.

  4. It’s easy to apply

    Everyone aged 50 or over is eligible, with no medical or heath questions.

    You can take out a funeral plan from the comfort of your own home, online, by phone or by post.

    And paying is easy, too. You can choose to pay by lump sum or by 12 monthly instalments. You can also pay in smaller instalments of up to 15 years for an additional charge.

  5. The Dignity promise

    Dignity guarantee that your money is protected and once paid for the services in The Funeral Plan are guaranteed to be covered, whenever The Plan is needed.

    Dignity is a financially stable company with a long, reliable history of providing funerals for over 200 years. They introduced the first funeral plan to the UK in 1985.

    Each and every one of Dignity’s network of over 1,200 owned and approved funeral directors across the UK guarantee to provide a professional and caring service to the families they serve.

    As a further security, your money is held in an independent trust fund until needed. This helps to guarantee that however much funeral costs may rise in the future, there will be no more to pay for the services included in the Funeral Plan.

    Dignity is also a member of the Funeral Planning Authority, the professional body that oversees the operation of registered funeral plan companies, providing added security and peace of mind to you.

  6. What happens when you take out a plan?

    When you take out a Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan, you’ll receive a Planholder Pack, which contains all the details of your chosen plan.

    You’ll also receive a Funeral Organiser Pack which tells your loved ones everything they’ll need to do when the time comes, leaving you to get on with life, and living it to the full… Safe in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of.

  7. When the time comes

    Your loved ones only need to make one single phone call to Dignity puts the Funeral Plan into motion. They will then receive support and guidance from a trusted and professional Dignity Nominated Funeral Director. The Funeral Director will help your loved ones through every stage of arranging the funeral, using your funeral plan as a guide. This means your loved ones can then focus on adding their own personal tributes.

    There is no complicated claims process as the money in your plan is used to pay the funeral director, with no more for loved ones to pay for the services included in the Funeral Plan.

First Class Service.

The presentation packs were excellent and they answered all my questions. I would tell my friends and family about you.

– Feefo Customer Review

Funeral Plan Savings Calculator

The average cost of a funeral in 2016 was £3,937, this figure is rising by 5.79% every year. Will your savings increase enough to cover the costs?

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