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Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plans Come Highly Recommended

The Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plans are designed to give our customers reassurance and peace of mind, knowing their funeral has been planned and paid for in advance. But they're also designed to protect loved ones from the additional stress of arranging and paying for a funeral, when the time comes. So our recommendations don't just come from our customers - they come from their families too.

My parents had funeral plans, and when my Mum passed away not only did we not have the financial burden of a funeral we had the support of a very caring funeral service who organised everything for us.

– Mrs Close , Leeds

A funeral plan can be taken out then totally forgotten about as life goes on as usual. Taking out a funeral plan is not being sombre it is a happy thing to do. Done and forgotten knowing that all is taken care of.

– Mrs Crick, North East

"I was so thankful that mother had the foresight to arrange her funeral in advance"

– E.Arnold

My mother had dementia before she died and her account was frozen. If I hadn't the money I would've had to cope with trying to get her money released and deal with the funeral. We decided to remove that problem for our children and take out a Plan.

– Mr I Chamberlain

A funeral plan is such a good idea – it gives peace of mind that all arrangements are sorted and its wonderful to be able to tell your children that they have no worries concerning funeral plans especially when grieving enough as it is.

– Mrs Downes , South Wales

Go ahead and do what I have done. Take out a Dignity Funeral Plan. Its’ the biggest worry taken care of for me and my family.

– Mrs Briggs, North West

It gave me peace of mind knowing that my family would not have to worry about paying for the funeral or having to decide the funeral arrangements.

– Mrs Finn , Cardiff

"My feelings are that your company is aptly named ‘Dignity’ because from start to finish everything was done in the most dignified manner possible. My most heartfelt thanks to everyone concerned."

– Mr D Wright

It will save money as costs are always rising. I know I would have a decent funeral with my last requests completed. It will save my family the heartache


– Mr Higgins , North West

The staff were sympathetic and listened. The literature was very impressive and gave one the opportunity to make choices.

– Mr Simmonds, York

"As an ex insurance agent I am well aware of the need to look forward as well as the present. I therefore decided to take out this plan, which I am very pleased with. When I have completed my own plan I will continue the payments for a similar plan for my wife."

– Mr C Henshaw

"My husband and I decided that the best time to discuss funeral arrangements is while we are fit and well and that’s when we decided to take out funeral plans. We now have peace of mind knowing that our family won’t have to deal with anything other than phone the nominated funeral

– Mrs Phillips

"My mother in law opened a Funeral Plan with Dignity in March 1996. She died in February 2009 and was cremated early March 2009. Dignity honoured the terms of the plan to the letter and with all due consideration at all stages. The appointed funeral directors Baguley Bros were retained again. Once more they were faultless."

– Mr R M Glenn

Of these plans I viewed, this was the most straightforward and simple to understand. From the first phone call everything was explained and no hidden 'add-ons'.

– Mrs Waller, South East